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5 Important Winter Plumbing Tips

5 Important Winter Plumbing Tips

When it’s chilly outside, your pipes have a far higher likelihood of freezing and bursting. According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, burst pipes are one of the most common causes of property damage in cold weather, with water damage costing thousands of dollars. The easiest way to avoid this expensive issue is to follow a few tips for winter plumbing maintenance, followed by hiring a reliable plumber.

West New York Plumbing and Heating is here to help you with all of your winter plumbing repair needs. But, you are also capable of managing certain straightforward activities by yourself. Here are five simple plumbing advice for the chilly months:

#1 The external hose should first be turned off.

Your outdoor hose typically experiences problems first when it is cold outside. One of the most essential recommendations to avoid your pipes freezing is to disconnect and store all of your exterior hoses. Do this task as soon as possible to ensure that your hose is safely stored before the first cold front. During the cold conditions, locate the shut-off valves for outside faucets and close them.

#2 Scan your home for leaks

The fall is also a good time to inspect your home for plumbing problems. Find any faucets or shower heads with poor water pressure and make a note of it. Any leaks you notice should be fixed right away by a professional. Little leaks of any size can add up over time and wastewater while increasing your utility costs.

#3 Make an effort to maintain your house warm at all times.

Though it may seem obvious, heed this advice to stop your pipes from freezing while keeping your house warm. Low interior temperatures are a major factor in pipes bursting in homes. Your thermostat should be set and turned on, and you should keep the interior at a minimum temperature of 55 degrees.

#4 Check the clogs in your sinks to make sure they aren’t worse.

A poor idea is to utilize your sink as a garbage disposal. Oils and fats flushed down the drain could freeze during colder months, especially the winter. Problematic clogs in your drains could develop from this. To avoid your pipes freezing when it becomes chilly outdoors, make sure you properly dispose of grease and keep your drains accessible.

#5 Make sure your pipes are inspected.

If you have never had your pipes inspected, you may have a professional make sure they are functional for the upcoming winter. They might protect your property from bursting pipes by insulating and, if necessary, repairing broken pipes. Don’t gamble since a burst pipe might dramatically change a homeowner’s life.

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