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06 - types of sewer line problems

6 Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Most likely, you need to give your sewage lines more thought. This is helpful because if your sewage pipes are a problem, your home undoubtedly has a severe sewer line issue elsewhere.

Your house or place of business might be at risk from clogged or broken sewage pipes. The health and welfare of persons using the building may be harmed if the sewage waste cannot flow in the intended direction and returns to its original location.

6 Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Identifying the root causes of a few typical sewage line issues can make it easier for New York NJ homeowners to find a speedy fix. The most common reasons why sewage lines are damaged are listed below.

1. Tree Roots

Unfortunately, we don’t have much influence over how trees and plants develop. Growing roots may cause underground pipes to become misaligned. Tree roots may harm the areas where the lines converge in older houses. The pipe might rupture and accidentally cause harm to the structure if they are damaged.

Your subterranean pipes may need replacing or repairing if tree roots corrupt them. Trenchless technology has eliminated the requirement for ground excavation for plumbing issue identification and repair. This will make it possible to solve the issue without risking more property damage.

2. Pipe Corrosion

The movement of water may cause substantial corrosion in sewer systems. The metal eventually degrades as a result of oxidation. If the right action is not taken, the pipe might burst, leaving a huge mess to clean up.

3. Blockages

A blocked pipe can be the first sewage line issue that springs to mind. Hair, food, or grease accumulation may cause the pipes in your home, restaurant, or place of business to get blocked often. Sewer pipes follow the same rules. They sometimes happen, albeit less frequently than clogs in smaller pipelines.

4. Age of the Pipes

Pipes don’t endure forever. The material may deteriorate over time due to poor maintenance, continuous stress, or both. Even the most resilient pipes may get damaged and gradually degrade. An unwelcome issue might arise from an aging sewage pipe.

5. Grease

Avoid, at all costs pouring oil down your kitchen sink. Grease solidifies when it cools, into a viscous substance that often clogs pipes. Fat may pass through your home’s pipes in liquid condition for a time without causing any problems, but as it travels farther, it may begin to harden. It may cause a substantial clog that needs professional clearance when it accumulates on the sewage line’s walls.

6. Machinery

Underground pipelines should be considered by construction personnel. However, mishaps do occur. If a construction crew collides with large equipment and damages connections or results in sewage system leaks, the following property may suffer damage.

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

It is essential to be aware of the warning signs given the variety of reasons for sewage line problems. If you see any of these symptoms, contact a licensed plumber immediately to correct the issue before the damage worsens.

Discolored Water

If you attempt to use your sink and the water seems to be a murky brown hue, there may be an issue with your sewage line. Water corroded or rusted by pipes may become tainted with germs and minerals. Make sure to get it examined by professional people if the issue continues.

Strange Smells

Sewer lines transport wastewater from residences and other big structures to treatment facilities. A clogged sewage pipe is visible when a foul odor enters a structure. If there are significant barriers, bad smells from stored waste might travel down the sewage system and into your house. This could have an unpleasant odor like rotting eggs or something similar.

Health Issues

It’s possible that your sewage system is to blame if residents of your house have health issues like coughing or breathing difficulties. Respiratory problems may result from gases or germs seeping from broken pipes. Ensure your sewer line is in excellent shape for your and your family’s protection.

Pooling Water

If a sewage line breaks, water may collect in your yard. The soil might be damaged if water leaks beneath pipelines and floods the area. When this happens, contact a professional right once to have the sewage line repaired.

Avoid New York NJ Sewer Line Problems with West New York Plumbing and Heating

Be sure to get the issue fixed if you detect a damaged sewage line in your home. Sewer line problems might prevent your house from being the quiet haven it should be. You may use the knowledge of West New York Plumbing and Heating to assist you in New York NJ instantly enhance the condition of your sewage lines. Thanks to our trenchless technology, we can quickly locate and fix broken pipes without disrupting your day. Contact the plumbers in your New York, NJ community to learn more about our sewage line repair and replacement services!