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The Break Bar

The Break Bar has everything you’d expect from any other bar, plus a BIG TWIST that you won’t find anywhere else (OR SMASH). When you are through drinking your shot, pint, or glass of wine, you will break the mirror here. Step inside their shooting range… You will have the opportunity to shatter your glass against various interesting objects, including bells, prominent people, and many more fun targets. You may also reserve time in The Wrecking Club, where you can break more than just glass if you have a more significant stomach for destruction. This club allows you to book a time online. In the Wrecking Club, you will have the opportunity to destroy a wide array of office equipment, including printers, monitors, flat-screen televisions, office phones, keyboards, and several other dishes.

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What is the attire requirement for an appointment with the wrecking club?

You need to bring yourself and a pair of shoes with closed toes and thick soles (usually these are boots). Additionally, the room requires that you wear long sleeves and trousers. Should you need them, they offer loaner trousers, coats, and boots that are all free. You only need to wear casual attire and the throwing range at the bar.

In the rage room of the wrecking club, what exactly am I breaking?

This depends on the items they presently have available and the package you choose. You may anticipate finding a wide range of things, such as monitors, TVs, laptops, desktops, alarm clocks, printers, fax machines, sometimes even furniture, and tons of glasses! In addition, pictures from previous sessions may be seen on their social media platforms (links can be found at the bottom of this page).

How much time do I have available for a session at the wrecking club?

The answer will be determined by the session that you choose. They ask that you kindly come fifteen minutes early because it will take around fifteen minutes to set up with safety gear, sign waivers, and set up your music. If you do not have everything ready to go by the allotted time, they will not be able to extend your time.

Who strictly is allowed to take part, and are there any restrictions?

Participation in the Wrecking Club rage room is now restricted to those who are at least 12 years old. If a person is signing a waiver and is under the age of 18, they will require the signature of their LEGAL guardian. In addition, they are not permitted to have anybody who is actively caring for a kid take part in this activity.

Visit their website or contact them at (212) 933-0929 if you want additional information. Click for more info.