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The Gravity Vault

Since 2005, the Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms have been providing services to the communities that they are a part of. They created the first site in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Next, they increased the programming choices to include memberships, private climbing sessions, birthday parties, camps, and competitive climbing teams. Lucas Kovalcik and Tim Walsh founded the business. The Gravity Vault launched its second site in Chatham, New Jersey, after spending the previous four years refining the programming at its first location.

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The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms took the next step in bringing rock climbing to local communities nationwide in 2013 when they opened their first facility owned and run by a franchisee in Middletown, New Jersey. This structure was the first of its kind for the company. Additionally, the Gravity Vault is planning to establish locations in states located all along the east coast to continue its mission of bringing the activity of rock climbing to local communities all around the world.

Everyone is welcome to climb with them at the Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms, which are facilities where the thrilling activity of rock climbing may be experienced. Climbing is something that can be learned, trained for, and enjoyed by climbers of all experience levels. Its mission is to provide an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for climbers of all levels. They offer many ways to use their facilities suitable for people of all ages and expertise. There are various options available to you here at their climbing gym, including memberships, day passes, private climbing lessons, and courses for groups.

Characterized by various wall elements, including arêtes, arches, keyholes, chimneys, cracks, overhangs, and more. Their facility options consist of the following:

  • 14,000 Square Feet or More of Climbing Surface Area
  • Climbing Walls That Are Over 40 Feet Tall
  • 45–60 Top Rope Stations are available.
  • Extended bouldering followed by active lead climbing.
  • Areas for Working on Your Cardiovascular Fitness and Strength
  • Lounges – Pro Shops
  • Exclusive Party Spaces Available

Climbing in each of their gyms is the only way to fully understand all that The Gravity Vault has to offer since each of their facilities is uniquely constructed and has its distinctive layout.

The objective of the rock climbing instructors and staff at Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms is to ensure that every client has an enjoyable time while climbing with them. They work hard to make the working environment inviting, varied, egalitarian, and inclusive for their clients. Still, they also work hard to do the same for their employees. No matter how old you are, how large or tiny you are, how much or how little experience you have, they want The Gravity Vault to feel like your second home. They are firm believers that there is always room for improvement and growth, not just on their walls but also in other facets of life. Working together is the most effective approach to reaching these heights. Visit their website or call them at (201) 740-1423 for more inquiries.

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