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Helix eSports

Helix eSports allows everyone to participate in professional eSports by rethinking the notion of a conventional local area network (LAN) center or internet cafĂ©. Instead, a welcoming atmosphere is created at Helix for gamers of all ages and skill levels thanks to the establishment’s contemporary design, high-end gaming equipment, dedicated fiber internet, and pleasant, expert-level personnel. View more.

Helix eSports encourage and facilitate the growth of the local eSports community at all ages and stages, from elementary school children to high school students to college students and beyond. Helix eSports is the best place for gamers to go, regardless of whether they want to play games, get some practice, hang out with their friends, or if they’re going to compete at the top level. Their skilled personnel, an extensive selection of platforms and games, and various food and beverage options result in the most satisfactory possible eSports experience for all participants.

Each Helix eSports gaming center has more than one hundred gaming PCs, various consoles, private rooms, and enough lounge area to host an eSports competition. Helix eSports provides world-class venues and infrastructure for casual play seven days a week, eSports tournaments, boot camps, birthday parties, school and recreational leagues, corporate outings, educational programs, summer programming, and more. Helix eSports hosts birthday parties, school and recreational clubs, and more.

Helix eSports now owns and manages three eSports centers in the United States, including the most important center in the country, located in North Bergen, New Jersey (only ten minutes outside of Manhattan and containing more than 150 gaming stations). Helix eSports Patriot Place is the first gaming facility to open in the United States immediately next to a significant professional sports complex. Their expertise in operating an eSports center is combined with the provision of official practice space for the Boston Uprising, a professional Overwatch team. This cutting-edge facility can be found in Boston.

Helix eSports is dedicated to allowing all of its gamers to participate in competitive gaming at a high level.

It should come as no surprise that the most competitive organizations in the world chose Helix as a place to practice, Bootcamp, and prepare for their next major competition. The venue offers private rooms and the most advanced gaming equipment and network.

Helix has served as a venue for the preparation of several competitive events, including the League of Legends Championship Series, the Rocket League World Championships, and the Fortnite World Cup.

Helix eSports also like staging unusual fan activations in a LAN setting. For example, no other LAN facility in the United States offers more than one hundred personal computers (PCs) for fans to play on and engage with their favorite gamers in a high-end LAN setting.

Helix’s High School League

Their league focuses on player development, intending to teach core team-building abilities, communication tactics, and social skills. However, as they all know, not every player can make it as a professional. Thus, their league allows students to become part of “behind the scenes” of high-level esports events. These students will be immersed entirely in streaming, shoutcasting, blogging, stream engineering, marketing, social media development, team management, and event production.

Finally, they have college coaches from all around the United States pursuing players for scholarships in their esports programs, thanks to their relationships in the business. Their objective is to link as many high school students as possible with college programs so that they may continue their academic and esports careers.

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