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Strut Your Pup

The staff at Strut Your Pup, consisting of dog enthusiasts and owners, is aware that the puppies in their care are your “fur babies,” and they treat them as such. They are a part of your family, and they are treated as such when they are here. Therefore, when their clients entrust us with the care of their dogs, it is essential for them to feel completely at ease. Read more about West New York.

They have a healthy regard for your animals and their role as caregivers. They provide care for dogs of various sizes and breeds using positive reinforcement and industry best practices. In addition, they have created a variety of alternatives, such as their doggie daycare center, hotel resort, pet taxi service, and more!

During their time with the guests, the staff socialize with the pets and watch them to ensure that the guests’ pets are safe and happy.

  • Their employees have received training in CPR and first aid.
  • They ensure that their staff receives ongoing training and education on the most recent dog behavior patterns and body language, as outlined by the industry’s leading dog behavior experts, to identify any potential problems before they arise.
  • The team has earned its DogTec Certification.

Strut Your Pup offers a diverse selection of services to residents in the surrounding towns, such as dog walking, dog sitting, and boarding for pets. Even pets with specific requirements can give individualized care plans. They are licensed and bonded as a business. They take great pleasure in their commitment to professionalism and their genuine affection for our four-legged companions. They prioritize ensuring that your animals are secure while in their care and content and having a good time.

Learn about their services, and don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions or concerns. They are dedicated to providing pet care services at honest prices and upfront. In addition, they always use the most pet-friendly items possible while taking care of your animals.

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Taking care of pets gives them the chance to spend time with their most beloved animals, namely your canines. For more than a decade, the creator of Strut Your Pup has been offering exceptional services related to the care of pets. However, after completing an internship with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey, a charitable organization, he became sure that he wanted to pursue a career that included working with animals. 

Following that, he received training and worked as a veterinary wellness technician for People for Animals. Subsequently, he decided to fulfill a much-needed niche in West New York by offering communities in the region pet care services of the best possible quality.