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Why Should I Know About Water Hammer in Plumbing?

The plumbing in your home’s metal pipes often makes loud banging noises when an appliance draws water or a faucet is turned off. Unfortunately, this noise, commonly referred to as “water hammer,” isn’t just bothersome; it might also damage your plumbing system. In technical jargon, a water hammer is also referred to as a hydraulic shock. It is the result of water unexpectedly stopping or changing direction. A shock wave is sent through your pipes as a result, causing them to tremble, move, and crash into one another.

Water hammers in pipes were already a recognized phenomenon by the time Roman engineer Marcus Vitruvius Pollio saw them in the public water system in the first century B.C. Fortunately, we have subsequently developed effective coping mechanisms. You may discover everything there is to know about hammering pipes from the possible problems they might cause to how to stop them in your home by reading the information below.

Describe the water hammer.

A pressure spike known as a “water hammer” occurs when a fluid is forced to stop or change direction suddenly. This sudden change in motion creates shockwaves that make pipes and water shake and crash. Water hammer is a term used to describe the sound of water “hammering” through pipes and valves. 

We should note that water hammering can occasionally happen for very simple reasons, such as high water pressure. If necessary, adjust your water pressure gauge to determine whether it is the problem. If you’re unsure of the water pressure in your house, a licensed plumber from West New York Plumbing and Heating can check and adjust it for you.

Can water hammers be harmful?

Water hammer damage over time can cause pipe joints and valves to deteriorate. Older pipes could split apart from their connections, start to leak, or develop cracks. If your surge happens because of too much water pressure, you could also risk harming your health. High water pressure can cause physical harm to anyone who doesn’t prepare themselves for a hot or powerful shower.

water hammer fixes.

There are various ways to stop the water hammer and the pipes from slamming shut every time you turn on the faucet. We’ll list the most well-liked and prosperous choices.

the repair of exposed pipelines. If your pipes aren’t secured, even a little water pressure could cause them to quiver and clang. Securing any loose pipes is the issue’s quickest and most cost-effective solution. Install more straps or hangers, tighten any loose straps or hangers holding the pipe, cover exposed pipe portions in pipe insulation to act as shock absorbers, or tighten any loose straps or hangers holding the pipe. Your pipes will be kept safe at the stud or joist thanks to this. By using this approach, intermediate cases will be safeguarded in a number of ways from injury but extreme issues won’t be resolved.

  • construct a chamber for air. A water hammer happens when the flow of water in a pipe stops abruptly. When water slams into pipe valves that were just shut, a shockwave is created that returns through the pipe. If a new path is installed for the water to rebound, the water won’t slam into the valve wall when the valve closes. An air chamber is a short piece of vertical pipe that is placed adjacent to possibly problematic valves. Your blocked valves give water and additional force somewhere to go. An experienced plumber can quickly and simply install pipe air chambers.
  • Installation of mechanical water shock abortions. The best solution for resolving severe hydraulic shock difficulties when building an air chamber is not an option is mechanical shock arrestors. You encircle the compromised plumbing joints with them. A spring and an air bladder are the components of the device. Mechanical water shock arrestors provide exactly the purpose suggested by their name. The shockwave that is created when water slams into closed valve walls is stopped and neutralized before it can reverberate through your pipes by the valves’ ability to absorb the force. 

Reduce the noise from your home’s water hammer.

Ignoring minor plumbing problems will only cause them to grow later. Call West New York Plumbing and Heating if you’re unclear on how to stop your water pipes from pounding. Treatment of the water hammer noise and any possible harm it may be causing to your plumbing will be beneficial to both of you. We’ll send one of our experts to assess your issue and find a quick, efficient solution.