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It's not just you; my bathroom also smells like musty old clothes

It’s not just you; my bathroom also smells like musty old clothes

Do you say “My bathroom smells musty” more often now than in the past? You’re not alone! Mold and mildew grow well in warm, damp places like bathrooms, which is always the case in bathrooms. But if your nose tells you that it’s not just a normal day in a normal bathroom, it’s possible that it’s not just the steam from the shower.

Why does my bathroom smell like must?

The amount of water used in a bathroom, especially hot water, can cause the humidity level to stay about the same. Clearing the air and keeping the environment dry can be hard. If, on the other hand, you smell something musty, you are probably dealing with the fungus that causes mold to grow.

What's the problem with mold, exactly?

Mold can sometimes be sneaky. It grows in places like closets and behind walls. It can grow in the creases of your shower curtain or in the spaces behind your towels, picture frames, or mirrors. It can build up on the grout between your tiles, on your paint, inside your light fixtures and fan, and in the areas around your faucets, toilets, and baths.

It smells bad and could be bad for your health and the health of your family. Mold can cause many different symptoms, such as headaches, a runny nose, painful sinuses, tiredness, nausea, nosebleeds, and trouble breathing. Also, visible mold is not the only thing to worry about. When mold is moved, the spores may break off and fly through the air. When this happens, it can make your health problems related to mold worse and spread to other parts of your home.

What can I do about the smell of mold in my bathroom?

If your bathroom smells musty, you should do something about it. There’s no way that it will get better on its own. In fact, the situation is only going to get worse over time. What are your choices? Try out some of these ideas:

  • Increase the airflow in your bathroom. Better ventilation can help your bathroom dry out after you take a shower or bath, which will help lower the humidity and stop mold from growing.
  • Clean your bathroom on a regular basis to keep things clean. This will help keep the smell nice while getting rid of the fungus that causes mold and making it harder for mold to grow.
  • Use the right products. Just like it’s important to wash your hands well after using the bathroom, it’s important to keep the bathroom clean by using the right cleaning products.
  • Squeegee the walls of the shower. When you’re done taking a shower, squeegee the walls to get rid of any extra water and reduce the humidity.
  • Turn on the fan because it can be tempting to let the bathroom get humid and hot while you are in the shower or bath. Run the fan both while you’re in the tub or shower and right after to reduce the chance of mold growth.

Do some work with the professionals

If your bathroom has a musty smell, you can take steps to make sure it stays dry in the future. Contact the local West New York Plumbing and Heating franchise to check for leaky pipes and improve ventilation. Call (201) 977–6775.