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How to Fix Problems with the Water Heater | How to check if the water heater's reset button works

How to Fix Problems with the Water Heater | How to check if the water heater’s reset button works

When the water heater senses that the heating elements are getting too much resistance, the reset button turns off the power to those elements right away. A cold shower is often the first sign that a homeowner’s reset button has been tripped, which cuts power to the water heater’s heating components. This is because a lot of people shower in the morning.

You need to know where to find the reset button on your water heater and how to test it. If your water doesn’t heat up, you’ll need to know where the button is and what to do if hitting the reset button doesn’t fix the problem right away.

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Where exactly is the button on the water heater that resets it?

Most of the time, the reset button is close to the thermostat on a water heater. You will need a screwdriver to remove the cover plate from the thermostat so you can get to the thermostat and the button to reset it. If you look closely, there may be insulation around the thermostat. In some models, a plastic cover protects the wires that are around the reset button and temperature dial. Note that most electric water heaters on the market today have two heating elements and two thermostats, but only one reset button.

If you can’t find the button to reset the thermostat on your water heater, you can look in the owner’s manual for help. At the start of the user’s manual, there should be a labeled picture of the water heater.

How to Tell if the Reset Button is Working

If the reset button on your electric water heater is on or if the heating element has tripped, you’ll need to reset the thermostat. Most of the time, the button to reset the thermostat will be close to one of the thermostats (often the top one) and will be red. All you have to do to reset the thermostat is push the button (but be careful not to touch any of the wires in the area). Because of this, the power will be turned back on to the thermostats, and in about an hour, your water should be hot again.

Reset Button Still Tripping?

If you press the reset button on the thermostat and the alarm still goes off, the thermostat may be broken. There could also be a problem with the water heater’s power source that keeps happening. Contact West New York Plumbing and Heating if you need help in your area.

Get help from an expert with your thermostat problems

If you’ve looked at your water heater and pressed the reset button, but the problem is still there, it’s time to call a plumber for help. The expert water heater repair service that West New York Plumbing and Heating offers will make sure that your water heater is always working at its best. We will figure out what’s wrong with your water heater and fix it, including problems with the thermostat. You can contact us online to get a quote, or you can call your local West New York Plumbing and Heating right now at (201) 977–6775.