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Ways to Prevent a Leaky Faucet

Ways to Prevent a Leaky Faucet

It’s so frustrating and time-consuming to fix a leaky faucet. We’d like to give you some tips on how to avoid a faucet leak for your convenience. You’ll save time and stress if you know how to stop a leaky faucet.

West New York Plumbing and Heating has repaired numerous leaky faucets all around West New York County, so if you ever have an emergency, you may call them. For effective and reasonably priced faucet leak repair, our kind plumbers have the knowledge and experience required.

Knowing How to Use a Faucet

You can identify the source of a leaky faucet with the use of knowledge of its parts. The leaking faucet’s internal components may include any of the following:

  • A ball valve 
  • Aerator screws 
  • Cartridge Valve, 
  • O-Ring, 
  • Small Springs 
  • Valve Seat 
  • Washers 

Water temperature is regulated using a ball valve. Aerator screws are screens at the end of a faucet used to regulate the flow of water. Internal water flow is managed by the plastic cartridge valve. O-rings will seal the faucet’s parts where one part changes into another. Along with the seals, there are tiny springs. Just above the valve seat is the washer, which opens and closes to let water flow. To totally block out water and stop a faucet leak, rubber washers are utilized. A faucet will leak if any of the aforementioned parts are broken.

The reasons why faucets leak

The necessity for faucet leak repair may be brought on by internal corrosion, mineral deposits, or broken components.

Corrosion within

Internal deterioration will result in fissures that let the water soak through. Moreover, corrosion compromises the seals around the faucet, causing them to break down and cause leaks. Remove corrosion with a soft cloth and gentle cleaner for do-it-yourself faucet leak repairs. Using a product specifically made to remove significant corrosion from metal may be necessary to eliminate obstinate corrosion. Corrosion has probably damaged the O-ring if the faucet’s base is dripping. When the ball valve is corroded, faucet leaks frequently develop around the spout. Early detection of cracks in your faucets is wise so that they can be fixed without causing more harm.

Buildup of Minerals

Your faucet may have a buildup of minerals if you notice a decreased flow of water. In West New York County, there is a lot of lime in the water, which can lead to leaky faucets. Your faucets’ seals and joints will be under additional stress as a result of lime and other minerals accumulating inside of them, increasing water pressure. Use a soft brush and cleaning chemicals to gently remove mineral deposits. Make sure to immediately rinse off any mineral cleaning solutions you use because they can damage your faucet’s finish.

Components That Aren’t Working

Are you finding it more difficult to fully shut off the water flow as you spin the faucet handles? Cartridge valves may stop working due to standard wear and tear. It will become increasingly difficult to stop a leaky faucet if the cartridge valves malfunction. To effectively fix a faucet leak, cartridge valves need to be replaced over time.

Fixes for a Leaking Faucet

A leaking faucet can be avoided, after all. To prevent faucet leak repairs, use preventative actions such as maintaining ideal water pressure, ensuring that the water is free of additional minerals, and keeping the faucets dry.

Assess the Water Pressure

Your home’s plumbing fixtures may become stressed if the water pressure entering them is too high. Unusual sounds originating from the supply pipes and faulty plumbing fittings are warning indicators of high water pressure. The water pressure entering your home should be assessed by a professional in this particular case. If necessary, a pressure-reducing valve should be placed to improve the functionality of your plumbing system.

Evaluation of Water Hardness

You may test your water’s hardness using a cheap testing kit that you can get at most hardware stores because hard water causes a number of plumbing problems, including leaking faucets. If it is determined that your water is too hard, you can install a water softener to eliminate the minerals that cause hard water.

Maintain a Dry Faucet

Keep the region dry to stop leaks at the faucet’s base, which is an easy yet efficient solution. Water that stays around the faucets after use might cause corrosion. Not only does keeping the area tidy and dry after washing your hands or brushing your teeth help with housekeeping, but it also helps to stop faucets from leaking.

Eliminate Water at the Source

Turn the water off at the nearby shut-off valves until you use the utility sink or faucets again if you have any that you hardly ever use. You can avoid the faucet holding back extra water pressure for a long time by stopping the water flow at the source.

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