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Having a backed-up bathtub is especially unpleasant when you had been looking forward to a relaxing soak. When bathtubs start to back up, occasionally there could be dirty water or unpleasant scents. The water in your bathtub may be backed up, but why? Continue reading to get more information about the signs and symptoms, the underlying causes, and the several remedies that are offered. 

A clogged drainage system’s symptoms

There are a lot of signs that could indicate clogged drainage systems. Indicators of obstructed drainage systems include the following: 

• The water drains slowly after you exit a bath or shower. 

• Your toilet’s water bubbles or rises after you run the bathroom sink. 

• The shower receives water from the toilet flush.

• A sewage-like odor is coming from your drains.

Red flags like the ones listed before are always indicators of either minor or major sewage line plumbing issues. You need to call a qualified emergency plumber right once you notice these symptoms. 

Clogged drains: what causes them?

Clogged drainage and sewer systems have the potential to seriously harm floors, walls, and electrical systems if they are not fixed immediately. Some of the typical reasons for clogged sewer systems are on the list below: 

• With time, drainage pipelines become more prone to harm. Because of the extra pressure that development causes, old pipes may leak. A leak increases the likelihood that dirt and other debris that clogs sewer systems will enter. 

• Insoluble Materials: When materials such as wipes, cooled grease, condoms, and feminine products are flushed down the toilet, they clog up sizable sewer pipes. 

• Tree and shrub roots: When searching for underground water sources, shrub and tree roots may squeak into pipes, forcing them to break and causing damage to the joints of the pipes. Such damages cause the pipe to become clogged with dirt and other debris as they enter. 

• Multipurpose Pipes: Sewer line blockages can also be brought on by multipurpose pipes that carry excessive amounts of raw sewage as well as rainwater during downpours, especially in low-lying drains.  

Methods for Unclogging a Drain

It’s typically advisable to contact a licensed plumber to fix the issue as soon as you notice the warning signs of blocked systems. A few illustrations of typical responses to these issues are shown below:

• The problem is examined through video inspection. 

• The use of hydro jetting to unclog clogged pipes. 

• Clearing the pipes’ clogs with drain cleaners. 

• Employing a cleaning device with drain snakes

• substituting pipes 

A sewer line or drainage pipe problem is usually the cause of bathtub backups. Numerous warning signs that should draw your attention to the issue are frequently seen on your different drainage systems. If you see warning signs like bubbling toilet water or sewage aromas coming from the drains, never hesitate to call emergency plumbing services. Send this information to your family and acquaintances so they can avoid backed-up baths.

If you aren’t confident handling this type of repair yourself, call one of our experts at True Plumbers and A/C who can solve all of your plumbing problems.

The West New York plumbers at West New York Plumbing and Heating are always available to help with any of your drain and air conditioning-related issues.

 If the aforementioned methods have failed or you are too afraid to try the unclogging process yourself, our team is ready to help. To speak with one of our qualified plumbers right immediately, dial (201) 977-6775. Our comprehensive variety of plumbing services is available to homes in and around West New York.