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How to Prevent Basement Flooding In Your House

Other than increasing your house’s value, basements provide excellent sites for installing electric lines and plumbing access points. Thus, basement flooding may be a costly disaster. However, keeping water leaks and floods off your basement is no rocket science. To maintain a flood-free basement, be sure to:

Unclog Your Gutters

Over time, leaves, sticks, and debris collect in your gutter and interfere with the drainage process. Instead of water finding its way to the downspouts, it drips on or near your house’s foundation. The scenario makes it easy for water to get into your basement. 

To keep off such problems, you should clean your gutters semiannually. While at it, clean the downspouts and check that they drain water three feet from your foundation.

Examine Your Yard

It would help if the slope of your yard drained water from your home. If you find water pools in your yard after rainfall, take the necessary steps to avert such a situation. 

You can explore various landscaping ideas, including the use of green roofs, mulching, and swales. Further, you may have the yard regarded.

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Be Wary Of Cracks

One of the easiest ways water finds a destination in your basement is through cracks on the foundation. Thus, regularly examine your foundation for crevices. Depending on the repair work’s scope, you may need to call a professional to fill the fissures. 

It is also a great idea to check your basement’s wall for cracks. If the exterior wall features a below-grade window, use window well covers to keep floods at bay.

Keep the Sewer System Healthy

Every 18-22 months, a professional should assess your sewer line’s state and clean the septic system. If these two are poorly maintained, the likelihood of a clog, blockage, or overflow occurring is high. Such elements are contributors to basement flooding.

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Use a Sump Pump

If, after taking all preventive measures, water still finds its way in your basement, the sump pump will be your final resort. The pump serves as a drain by redirecting water from your basement to a place where it causes no harm. 

If you own a sump pump, be sure to carry out a maintenance check annually. You may also find it beneficial to invest in a backup power source for your pump in case of a blackout while there is a downpour.